• To promote an atmosphere of Apostolic power and ministry that changes lives
  • Build a balanced ministry of the Word and worship; evangelism and discipleship; fellowship and service
  • Create a safe environment of integrity to encourage spiritual health and maturity
  • Cultivate team ministry by recognizing and utilizing the diversity of our members and their gifts
  • Provide compassionate, practical pastoral care for the church family


  • To reach souls who are in need of SALVATION
  • To demonstrate the Life, Ministry and Teachings of Jesus Christ
  • To love one another as JESUS taught and demonstrated
  • To develop believers into fully devoted disciples of JESUS Christ


The local assembly of the United Pentecostal Church of West Palm Beach, Florida was established in 1971 with 13 adults and 5 children. The first place of worship was at Summit and Military in an upstairs room which was quickly named “The Upper Room”. Rev. Eugene Harvey was the first pastor. After approximately one year, the church was relocated to a church building on Southern Boulevard. At this time the church had grown to approximately 30 people.

God blessed the assembly and property was purchased in 1974. A small house located on the property was the place of worship. A few months later, Rev. Morris Garsnett was named pastor. Rev. Garsnett was pastor for three years and the congregation grew to approximately 60 people.

Rev. S.T. White was named the pastor in 1978. The first church building was constructed in 1978. Adjacent property was purchased in the early 1980’s. Pastor White retired in 1993. Membership was approximately 125.

Rev. Daniel Kyle became the fourth pastor in April 1993, and is still called pastor today. The assembly, now recognized as “The Tabernacle of Pentecost”, has a multi-cultural membership with just over 400. We are currently meeting at Palm Beach Central High School while we wait on God for a new home.